today I went to G's college to do some business and stuffs
and we met for a couple hours.
Usually it was 45 minutes driving from my house to his college
but as most of you (Jakarta's citizen) knows that today was quite a rainy day, I had a 1 and a half hour driving. Not because the traffic jam, it's simply because I forgot to take the exit at the highway, so I had 45 minutes trying to find another way from Cilandak KKO to Lenteng Agung.
It was such a tiring day, yet I'm happy that I still can see G for a moment.
and before I went off this afternoon, I took some time to picture what I'm wearing today.
Here's the look.

top: pasar baru; jeans: forever21; shoes: topshop
sorry for the bad angle, I'm taking it with my tripod since no one home to help me!
and for those who followed me on instagram might probably know that I just bought this new shoe. I really love it! it's actually a wedge and it makes me feel taller! HAHA.. 


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    1. thank you :D I am happy to know that my readers love it!

  2. love your simple outfit!!!
    I invite you to follow my blog on, hope that you like it!!!

    1. thank you for the kind comment :D I've already follow you! <3