New Creation

Hello again sunshine!
I have been missing from the blog for at least a year.
I'm on my second year of fashion design right now and we are about to do our second fashion show! Whoop! so excited yet a lot of work has to be done this month.
in this post I am wearing a black dress that I designed by my self and realised by my aunt.
Yes! I don't really like sewing.

I really want to say sorry for the bad quality design of the blog,
after a long breaks I decided to do work on a new layout.
Wait for the brand new blog!


We decided to go to Chateau de Versailles on my last day before Uni starts.
Too bad I forgot to bring my passport with me so I can't get the free entrance.
While waiting for the others to finish their project,
Lexa and I maintain to get some pictures and some videos around the city.
Had a little walk and we found the Cathédrale Saint - Louis, a very beautiful baroque church in the Saint - Louis quarter.

The beautiful Cathedral with the big blue door that I adore.
Here's a picture of us together in front of the Chateau de Versailles.

Coat: Zara Man; Top: H&M; Denim: Cheap Monday; Boots: unbranded; Bag: Stradivarius

RIP my favorite jeans.
as I'm getting fatter day by day, the Jeans just can't hold it anymore.
And it finally broke itself while I'm having my dinner yesterday. :'(
I really love the town, it isn't as big as Paris, but it's like the beautiful version of Paris.
Well here comes the time to say goodbye Holiday! I'll see you again real soon!

I will always have Paris


yes yes as you seen here, I'm back to this beautiful city.
The weather wasn't really nice, it changed in every 30 minutes.. oh là là..

Strolling around cité and pont neuf, it was really a great comeback.
I found some small space near pont neuf (that some of you may already seen on my instagram), a really calm place with some small cafes.
Really "Parisian chic"

cap: New york yankee; top: H&M; skirt: H&M; outwear: promod; bag: longchamp; shoes: converse


I found some small space near pont neuf (that some of you may already seen on my instagram), a really calm place with some small cafes.
Really "Parisian chic"
too bad there's not much picture I took there.

and finally I found this epic shop..

Pastels attact!

 An easy Wednesday afternoon, we both decided to take some picture for my blog post.
And the good thing of being in Jakarta is that I always have him around to be my personal photographer :p
thanks a lot babeeee!


Since I gained a lot of fat these passed few months, I decided to wear  long skirt or at least those who cover my fat legs.
It isn't easy at first, since I really love wearing short pants and skirts and for once I have to put them aside, to avoid having my pictures ruined by my legs that looks like a pillow.
In my life, I've never had a problem with bad angle picture that makes me look fat until I moved to Paris and start eating like a fool.
This body shape makes me sick, I can't even stand looking on a full body mirror.
so that's why I start wearing jeans and long skirt although it burns me because of the hot weather. 
Saw this skirt on my last day in Bali, and immediately fell in love.
I feel like I've got the answer from my fat legs problem.
And the colors are my favorite pallet.

top: tru; skirt: (x)sml; shoes: payless; necklace: unbranded; watch: dkny

The real come back!


It's been 5 months more or less since the last blogpost and I really miss writing
well the cause is actually it is easier to post on instagram since there's no one helping me to take my outfit photos.
Well now I'm back and trying to make a commitment to myself for taking this blog seriously.
 I am now on a holiday in Indonesia (my home country),
and last week my family and I had a great short vacation in Bali.
So since I haven't make a proper photos of my outfit
here's what I've got..

rice field, Ubud, Bali

here's a picture of me and my lovely momaa :*
greenbowl beach, Uluwatu, Bali
Dress: Sook; Bag: longchamp; shoes: unbranded


It's finally Spring!
Sorry for the long post, I realize now that these times I've been adapting with the not so friendly weather.
and now it's spring I promise that I'll post more often :p
well I'll try haha..

So today I went to Versailles, again, I'm amazed with the beauty.
Nothing compared to the beauty that this place have.
Too bad it was raining and we've got not much time left.

tank: newlook, short: h&m, stocking: M&S, coat: unbranded, bag: longchamp, shoe: h&m

Clashing Patterns

We were planning to go to Chateau de Vincennes which is 15 minutes walk from my apartment.
But well it was a crazy lazy day, so I prefer to stay at home and took some pictures chez moi.
Thanks to my super loving cousin Tamara Audrey for taking these pictures.

I know that for some people clashing patterns is a weird kind of things or even a fashion disaster


but well, what's world without experiment?

pants: topshop; shoes: topshop; the rest are unbranded