counting days

it's been so long since my last post.
well today I don't come up with pictures of my outfit.
I just want to share a little of what I'm feeling right now.

So well as you know that I'm gonna reach my dream in a count of weeks,
I feel a lil depressed this couple of days.
Lack of sleep and a lot of things to do have successfully ruin my health.

I've been asking myself, why the hell I ever dreamed about living in Paris?

 First problem of all, finding a place to live, or else my visa won't be processed. 
With a minimum budget that I have, it's almost impossible to find a place or most of them were already booked.
I found myself stuck in the corner of my room searching for a flat for two people 
for me and a friend of mine

It's been a week and I feel like "this is my limit. I can't afford it anymore".
I've been crying in my prayers asking God to save me from this bad bad dream.
Keep blaming myself for not having the guts to enter FSRD ITB.
after that I start thinking why did I canceled my departure to Caen and change it to Paris.
Living cost is waaay different!

and also having some relatives that don't want to help.
you know, some people said that having a lot of relatives and friends will somehow help you.
And here I tell you what, 
after 10 people I asked, only 3 or 4 that really wanted to help.
the rest is just "well good luck with that"
and I give you my best loves and thanking you with a lot of prayers for helping me.

And I sit down and start complaining to my super patient boyfriend.
Saying I can't handle it anymore. 
I would rather go back to my first plan of staying in Caen.

But then I start thinking,
I have the best dream ever and I'm about to reach it in a few steps!
A lot of people has been wishing to have the same chance like I do.
 Living in a city of beauty...
a city of romance...
a city of fashion...
I am lucky enough to have the permission to go there,
I am blessed enough to have the chance to study the most beautiful language in the world, "French"
I am blessed enough to be surrounded by people who loves me, who motivates me...
I learned that life is never easy, the more you want, the more obstacles you'll find.
I learned a lot this passed 7 months of Uni preparation..
I gain a lot,
I met a lot of good people who opens up my mind.
I've seen a lot of different characters.
I am blessed to be placed in this kind of situation.

Life is beautiful, you just need to see the bright side and learn from it.
 your dream is never to high to be chase, you just need a will, prayers, hard works , and give your best and
dreams do come true. :D


  1. Hai talitha!
    I've just read your blog and i'm so touched. You've done many things to reach your dream and i believe you will deserve it. Keep calm, beb! I know it's so hard, but i believe that you can do it! Remember about what i say to you now, 'When God bring you to this, i believe God be with you through this'. Never give up, oke? Surrender all of your life and your plan to God and don't forget to pray. Always be thankful ya. I always pray the best just for you. Keep your spirit to reach your dream. Nothing is impossible with God. Good luck beb and God bless you. I love and i miss you so much!
    With love, your friend who loves you so much and a girl who always gives her ears to listen about your complain and you can lean on.

    1. That was really something :') I love you jeng! thank you for the warm support <3 love and hugs! I'll pray for you :* thank you so much for being a best friend, for keeping this bound even distance can't cut it off. :D