Chocolate Melt

this was taken on Christmas Eve in Sentul City
I just love the Chocolate sense that melts together with my hair color.
It's getting better by the way :p

blazer: Forever21; Top: Forever21; short: unbranded; bag: mango; shoe: topshop

so it's gonna be NYE in a couple of days..
and last night I found an interesting post on my cousin's facebook.
instead of writing a long resolutions for new year, that most of us can't accomplished..
why don't we start the new year with an empty jar 
and day by day we fill it with a piece of paper of happiness
in which we should write down the happiness that we found in 2013.
and finally at the end of 2013 we'll open it up and count our blessings 
isn't it interesting? :D


  1. i love ur hair in a first pic, how u do that?


    1. thank you, you can make it like a pony tail and then flip it inside :D