as I promised you two days ago that I'll post some pics of my outfit
so here it is!
I am sorry for there are only a few pictures since I have no photographer accept my mom
and I'm here for the test so I spent most of the time studying in my room and I'm having some problems with my health, so yea I didn't go out that much.
so here's the pics

this sheep is kinda cool

top: nest; scarf: unbranded; short: unbranded; shoe: topshop; beanie: topshop; sunglasses: dior

so here's the kind of traveling outfit that I chose.
I do love singapore, it didn't feel hot a bit even if I'm wearing beanie and long sleeve.
I'm having an allergic with hot weather, I rarely wear long sleeve in Jakarta.
Because as soon as my arms start sweating, it will turn itchy. euh...
so yea I didn't get to dressed up well because it was only a short walk before I start studying.
By the way!
so happy that I have finished my delf test. hopefully I'll passed it well.
pray for me will ya??

anyway, I just had a fun shopping with mom. 
will soon blog it :D