Last Day!

Hiphip horayyy!!
December is here again guys!!!
so happy that I can finally home again in the first day of December.
So yea it was such a tiring trip but a great one after all.
I went shopping with mom yesterday while waiting for the flight at 8pm last night
it was.... indescribably crazy!
as I promised you that I'll post some of my new things that I just bought..
here are the pictures of them..
Have a peep!

top: cotton on; skirt: mds; shoe: topshop; sunglasses: forever21


  1. such a gorgeous outfit, love your style!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    the casper&pearl blog

  2. your style is soo chic! and your topshop shoes are perfectly made your style! life your shoes to the moon and back!
    seem you are having fun on your trip!

    1. thank you! yes I love it too :D and it was a fun trip despite the test that I had!