The Cut Offs.

sooooo yesterday after the quick new year post I decided to cut off my hair.
so yea the NYE pictures are the last pictures of me with the mid-long hair.

Hat: unbranded; necklaces: unbranded; tees: unbranded; sweater: H&M; pants: H&M; bangles: mom's

this one is given to me from my grandma's (RIP) jewelry boxes from grandpa.
look! the cute elephant 

anyway, this is a kind of special edition so I decided to put G in this post
enjoy the look of my super charming G that also cut off his hair before NY! 
he's sooo cute :3

top: cotton on; pants: H&M; shoes: zara

 sorry girls, he's taken :p

G's: zara; mine: Dr. Martens


  1. Really I'm drooling over that chain necklace and your dr.martens >< by the way, nice to hit on your blog, mind to follow each other?

    1. hey, thank you :D I will, your blog is great. mind if we know each other better?