Pastels attact!

 An easy Wednesday afternoon, we both decided to take some picture for my blog post.
And the good thing of being in Jakarta is that I always have him around to be my personal photographer :p
thanks a lot babeeee!


Since I gained a lot of fat these passed few months, I decided to wear  long skirt or at least those who cover my fat legs.
It isn't easy at first, since I really love wearing short pants and skirts and for once I have to put them aside, to avoid having my pictures ruined by my legs that looks like a pillow.
In my life, I've never had a problem with bad angle picture that makes me look fat until I moved to Paris and start eating like a fool.
This body shape makes me sick, I can't even stand looking on a full body mirror.
so that's why I start wearing jeans and long skirt although it burns me because of the hot weather. 
Saw this skirt on my last day in Bali, and immediately fell in love.
I feel like I've got the answer from my fat legs problem.
And the colors are my favorite pallet.

top: tru; skirt: (x)sml; shoes: payless; necklace: unbranded; watch: dkny