Running Late!

So today I went to IFI the place where I took my French lesson to have some stop by and took my books that I lent to my friend.
After that I went to the dentist to have some check up before my departure on Feb.
I went to the clinic on my father's office.
And suddenly....
I was invited by my cousin Tasya Moechtar to the fashion show of 
Standard Denim Suppl!
Oh yes I love this store!
I used to buy my Cheap Monday there.
I got the invitation around 3.45 PM and the show was at 4!!! Yes I was late and so on.
Luckily the show was held at the Atrium Plaza Senayan so actually everyone can watch the show without the invitation :p

Here's some sneak peek of the show
As I told you before it was a sudden invitation, so I am not prepared at all, these pictures I took from my iPhone 4 and some others are from @JKTFashion the official twitter of Jakarta Fashion Week

this is my favorite look!

 courtesy of @JKTFashion
 courtesy of @JKTFashion
 courtesy of @JKTFashion
 courtesy of @JKTFashion
 courtesy of @JKTFashion

Isn't it cool? 

Here's my outfit that I wore today :)

 top: garage sale; necklace: given by my juniors; pants: guess; socks: h&m; shoe: doc. marten

my lovely doc. mart!

the invitation!