Last Christmas

I just got mailed by Université de Caen for the french course that I planned to go last night and they sent me the "attestation de pré inscription". I was one step closer to my visa.
But then today after the meeting with one of my friend's parents, we decided to chose another school which is in Paris. 
So today was a quite hectic day and I only ate a cup of porridge.
But well I am happy cause finally I'm going after my birthday! woohoo! yeayers of december #2 :D
 well hopefully everything will going to be alright, pray for me will ya? :p
okay back to this pics, these were taken yesterday before having a lunch time with my family.
beanies: H&M; tops: flea market; skirt: mds; socks: H&M; heels: bebob; necklace: unbranded