The Late Goodbye

So today I was quite sure that I am addicted to watch a kind of classic movies.
It was a bit late to start watching Downton Abbey, but well for me I still love it
especially the loving couple of Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley.
Until I found out that Matthew has died on the last episode, that's quite harsh and I am now really sad :((
why should he???? cant they make any better story than making us cried over Sybil's death and now Matthew's.

Okay I know it sounds depressing for those who dislike or even never know that those tv series exist.
well, why not we jump into the fun part?

this series was settled back in early 1920s,
and I have to say that they're having a quite good taste of style
(these pictures was taken from google)
I love the draped touch

one of my favorite dress

if only I can get back to high school and have my prom, I'll wear Lady Mary's dress

I love the classic simplicity yet elegance

Can Matthew be pulled back to life again :'(